Stathis Samantas

Stathis Samantas designs shoes the way an artist creates his art. He deals exclusively with the design and overall set-up of his collection, which gives it a recognizable style and personal character. Born in Athens, he studied product design in Athenian College of Arts and Design. The predominant characteristics of the collection are clean austere lines and geometrical patterns which are further enhanced by intense coloring and usually combined with dual tomes or trichromes thus creating an au courant relevant to the seasonal style and trends result, ensuring a classic non ephemeral effect. Frequently the designs are characterized by pastel coloring and quieter lines in order to amplify design details. The high-end design shoes are handcrafted with luxury Italian leathers and are already celebrated for being comfortable and anatomical. 

Inside each shoebox there is a story, written by the designer himself. His purpose is to explore the relationship women have with their shoes examining the psychological and erotic significance of these objects. Everything you read is based on true stories of women but also on the designer’s thoughts. Wanting to express his own attitude, he asks various women to tell him a story, an experience they had with a pair of shoes that is important to them. He adds his personal thoughts - interpretations for this experience, thus creating an open dialogue between himself and each woman individually since he will find the story written in the box. Always maintain the anonymity of the woman who has spoken about her experience. What interests Stathis Samantas is not a specific person. It is how an experience can highlight common points of expression in women unknown to each other, without knowing that the initial link is this experience with the object - shoe. We would rather say that it’s a dialogue between the designer and women and in dialogues there is a freedom of opinion which is always under discussion. Everything is written from the designer’s point-of-view as a man who doesn’t think that being in touch with our desire and ability to talk about it is negative. This is a celebration of the desire of human psyche, which is seeking what is missing.

2022. Capsule shoes collection for the fashion designer Liana Camba.
2021. Collaboration with Liana Vourakis for the new year's lucky charm. Start of cooperation with The Hellenic Initiative and The Blue Dream Gala as a donator.
2020. Capsule shoes collection for the fashion designer Liana Camba.
2019. Caspule sandal collection for Enny Monaco stores.

2018. Opening of the first STATHIS SAMANTAS boutique in Athens.

2017. Collaboration with the fashion designer Laskaris for his Parisian Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2017 show.

2015. Collaboration with fashion designer Lakis Gavalas designing a sandal collection. Beginning as an Instructor in shoe design for the Pansik Fashion School in Athens.

2013. Collaboration with MARIANNA G. luxury swimwear designing the shoes for her Spring-Summer 2013 collection. Bridal shoe collections for Celia Kritharioti and MI-RO fashion designers. 

2012. Collaboration with DEUX HOMMES. Presentation of the collection at Madwalk Greek music event. 

2010. Collaboration with Stelios Koudounaris. Presentation of the collection at the Cyprus Fashion Week and Athens Xclusive Designers Week.


- ELLE Fashion Young Talents Awards 2020 - Best designer and Best shoes designer.

- First prize at the ''Designer Generation 2.0'' accessories design contest in Milan, Italy.
- Representation of Greece in fashion at the 12th Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Naples, Italy.